Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

Mountain Fireplace Specialists Inc performs chimney inspections by qualified, formally trained professionals, certified as F.I.R.E.. Certified Inspectors. The National Fire Protection Association clearly defines 3 different levels of inspection and is the foundation of our Inspection work. The level of Inspection is ultimately the choice of the consumer, and that choice will dictate the degree of evasiveness of the inspection. It is our professional opinion that a routine level 1 inspection as outlined by the NFPA is not adequate to evaluate the true condition of the fireplace and chimney system. Mountain Fireplace Specialists recommends that if an inspection is to take place that a level 2 inspection is performed for safety. The NFPA broke inspections down to 3 separate levels. Mountain Fireplace Specialists provides all three levels of Fireplace and Chimney Inspections.

Let the Professionals handle this!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Ever thought about your dryer vent? With architects placing your washer and dryer in the middle of your home for convenience, dryer vent service has become an increasing need for most. When lint builds up in your vent system it constricts airflow. This constriction affects the dryer’s ability to perform its original function – Dry your clothes!! Increasing inefficiency will use more energy than necessary, costing you money. Lint builds up within these vent systems account for thousands of fires each year.